Deactivating a license on your own computer

You can deactivate licenses on your own computer, for example, to transfer them to another computer. This is only possible for licenses installed on your computer or on a license server in your network. You cannot deactivate cloud-based licenses. These are managed by PTV.

1.  Open the License Management window (Managing licenses with the PTV License Manager) or (Opening the license management in the product).

2.  In the Licenses window, mark the license that you want to deactivate. The serial number of the license container is displayed in the Box column.

3.  Click the  Deactivate selected license symbol and confirm the security prompt with Yes.

4.  In the Deactivate licenses window, click the Close button.

The license is deactivated and removed from the list of available licenses in the License Management window. It can then be activated again with the same license key in another license container (Activating a license on your computer) or (Activating a license on a license server).