Activating a license on your computer


  • You need a connection to the Internet.
  • At least version 7.10 of the "CodeMeter Runtime Kit" program must be installed. By default, the latest CodeMeter Runtime Kit is installed together with the product.

You can activate a license on your own computer or a different computer (Activating a license on a license server).

If you want to use the license management in the product for this purpose, execute the following steps. You can also activate licenses with the standalone tool PTV License Manager (Managing licenses with the PTV License Manager). You call up PTV License Manager in the Windows start menu for programs.

Note: If your computer is not connected to the Internet, please proceed as described below (Activating a license on a license server without an Internet connection).

Activating a license in the license management of the product

1.  From the Help menu, choose License.

The License window opens.

2.  Click the Manage licenses button.

The License Management window opens.

3.  Copy the license key received by e-mail to the clipboard.

4.  Click the  Activate new license symbol.

The License activation window for the product opens and the license key from the clipboard is displayed.

5.  Click the Next button.

6.  Select the option On this computer.

7.  If necessary, select the license container in which you want to save the license key in the Container drop-down list.

8.  Click the Next button.

The license is activated in the selected license container. After that, the license will be available in the list of licenses in the License Management window.