Activating a license on a license server

You can activate a license directly on a license server.

Prerequisites are:

  • The server is set up as a license server (Setting up a license server).
  • You have administrator rights on the server.
  • The license server has an Internet connection.

If these requirements are met, proceed as follows:

1.  From the Windows Start menu, choose PTV License Manager (Server).

The License Management window opens.

2.  Follow the procedure described for Activating a license on your computer from step 3 (Activating a license on your computer).

The license will be activated in the selected license container. After that, the license will be available in the License Management window in the list of licenses.

Tip: If you do not have a connection to the Internet on the license server, please proceed as described here: (Activating a license on a license server without an Internet connection).