Finding new licenses and removing licenses from the list that are not (no longer) available

You can check the available licenses in the License Management window. To ensure that the list displays all available licenses, you can search for licenses that can be used, for example, after you have expanded the server search list (Adding license servers to the list of all searchable servers) or after you have set up access to a cloud license container (Using cloud-based licenses).

Finding licenses

1.  Open the License Management window (Managing licenses with the PTV License Manager) or (Opening the license management in the product).

2.  Click the  Find licenses symbol.

All licenses available locally, in the network, or in the cloud are displayed.

Note: The list is automatically completed during the search, but no licenses are removed from the list that are not or no longer accessible.

Removing licenses from the list that are not (no longer) available

You can remove an invalid license from the Licenses list display. This license is not deleted and not returned. The license will only be removed from the list.

For example, if a license server is temporarily unavailable, you can identify the unavailable licenses by the red font color and the Unavailable entry in the Status column. The status updates automatically as soon as a connection to the corresponding license server is established again.

If you have deleted a still valid license from the display of licenses, you can display it again via a new search.

1.  Select the licenses you want to remove from the list.

2.  Click the Remove license from list  symbol.

3.  Click the Save button.

The previously selected licenses are no longer displayed in the list.