Using cloud-based licenses

First, you set up access to cloud license containers and then select the floating cloud license for use.

Setting up access to cloud license containers

To use cloud-based licenses, your computer must first have access to the cloud license container where the licenses are stored. To do this, you import a Credentials file (*.wbc) once. You will receive this from PTV as part of the delivery.

Perform the following steps on all computers from which the floating cloud license will be used:

1.  Open the license management.

2.  Click the Edit CodeMeter settings symbol .

The CodeMeter settings window opens and a list of all license containers that you can use on your computer or in the cloud is displayed in the License container section.

3.  Click the symbol. Import credentials for cloud container.

4.  Select the credentials file.

5.  Click the Open button.

A message appears indicating that the credentials have been successfully imported.

6.  Confirm with OK.

Removing access to cloud license containers

1.  Mark the corresponding cloud container in the list.

2.  Click the Remove credentials for cloud container symbol .

Selecting a floating cloud license for use

If the floating cloud license is the only available license, it will be automatically selected the next time the product is launched and this step will be skipped.

If multiple licenses are available, complete the following steps. By doing so, you select licenses in the newly created cloud license container for use:

1.  Open the License Management window from within the product (Opening the license management in the product).

2.  Click the  Find licenses symbol.

The search lists the cloud-based licenses.

3.  Activate the check boxes of the desired licenses for automatic use at the next program start.

More information (Finding new licenses and removing licenses from the list that are not (no longer) available)