Deactivating a license on a license server

If you want to deactivate a license that is activated on a license server, use the standalone tool PTV License Manager (Server) for this.

Tip: If you do not have a connection to the Internet on the license server, please proceed in the same way as for activation without an Internet connection: (Activating a license on a license server without an Internet connection).

1.  From the Windows Start menu, select PTV License Manager (Server).

The License Management window opens.

2.  Follow the procedure described for deactivating a license on your own computer from step 2 (Deactivating a license on your own computer).


  • You can deactivate a floating network license set up for borrowing only after all borrowing operations have been completed. Alternatively, as an administrator, you can disable borrowing from this license (Preparing the borrowing of licenses). After the maximum borrowing period has expired, you can deactivate the license without first completing all borrowing operations.