Functional differences to microscopic simulation

The following functions are available in microscopic simulation. These functions cannot be used in mesoscopic simulation:

  • Vehicle inputs and static routing
  • Platooning
  • Pedestrians
  • Cyclists
  • Defining lane-based link behavior type
  • Speed limitation in curves
  • In dynamic assignment:
  • Parking lots of the type Real parking spaces as origin and destination of demand
  • Route guidance
  • Path selection type Decide repeatedly
  • For signal control and intersection control:
  • Priority rules
  • Stop signs
  • For public transport:
  • Partial PT routes
  • PT telegrams
  • PT vehicles only drive up to the last PT stop of your PT line and not to the end of the PT line, if the latter continues on a link.
  • Public transport lines without PT stop
  • Block control
  • For evaluations:
  • Data collection points
  • Travel time measurements can be performed in sections selected for microscopic simulation (Selecting sections for hybrid simulation)
  • Queue counters
  • Hybrid simulation: Bosch emission calculation is possible for vehicles within sections selected for microscopic simulation

Should your use cases require any of the functions listed, simulate the relevant parts of the network microscopically (Using hybrid simulation).

Note: If you want to run a hybrid simulation, please also read the section Using hybrid simulation (Using hybrid simulation).